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Hi, I’m Jeanne Hanneman! I started with Norwex in September of 2018. I never intended to become a Norwex consultant, but the more I grew to love the products, the more I wanted to share their amazing capabilities with everyone I know. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to share these products and watch others fall in love with them too!

I love Norwex products for several reasons. First, I’m trying to introduce safer, healthier products into my home to protect myself and family from some of the harsh chemicals out there. Norwex microfiber allows you to clean with just water: How much more green can you get? Some Norwex cleaners are free of chemicals as they are enzyme-based. 

Another thing I love about Norwex is the time savings it provides. I can simply take my damp cloth and go to town cleaning everything! I don’t have to lug around a tote full of cleaners. It’s easy and quick, plus my windows and mirrors have never looked so good!  

I also love the sustainability of Norwex products. The more I learn about what we are doing to our planet with the chemicals we dump into it, along with all the waste products such as plastics and paper products, it breaks my heart. My family has become environmentally aware in our home and have made changes using Norwex to use less paper towels, no plastic straws, and less plastic water bottles. Along with all of that comes the money that we save using Norwex. We aren’t spending as much on paper products and household cleaners. It might not seem like a lot but it all adds up over time! 

Lastly, I’m proud of the mission of Norwex and what the company stands behind. Norwex is all about “improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes,” which is something I’ve grown to be  passionate about.

I hope to chat with you soon, so don’t be shy to reach out!

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